Wishes for the New Year are sure to make it special. This is a time of the year when you can feel that the next year will bring lots of success and happiness for you as well as your family and friends. They might not be closeby but it is never too late or too far to send your lovely heartfelt wishes to your loved ones.

If you find that you are not being able to find the correct set of words, do not worry! We have a huge collection of the most beautiful New Year Wishes. Here are some of the many wishes available at 123NewYear.

Wishes for your Wife

Your Wife is the most difficult person on earth to please, as some men put it. It is not always expensive gifts or flirtatious comments that can appease women. A few words of appreciation, love and care on the special occasion at the start of the year will also go a long way in cheering […]

Wishes for your Husband

Your husband is the closest person and also the most special one. A simple message or a quote that you send to others on the New Year’s occasion will not be good enough to be used to greet your husband. You will have to look for a message that puts forth your love and affection […]

Wishes for your Parents

Our Parents are people we all hold dear to our heart. Be it our parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts, siblings, cousins, in-laws, nephews or nieces, at the onset of a New Year we always hope for a brighter tomorrow for them so that no cloud of sorrow can mar the happiness in their life’s horizon. Here […]

Wishes for your Sister

New Year Wishes for your Sister exposes the soft corner that you have always reserved for her in your heart. A sister is the best friend Nature gifts one with. She makes childhood more fun and youth more adventurous. She is the one who would fight with you one minute and then turn into your […]

Wishes for Elders

New Year is the time to remember all our relatives, close and distant. Elderly people are often left out from celebrations because young ones like to go out and party all night long with people of their age. However, the old people do not need expensive gifts or elaborated parties to be cheerful. They just […]

Wishes for your Kids

As the New Year is set to begin, every little heart is filled with hopes and aspirations. Simple things make kids happy. This New Year, make the future generation in your family happy by pouring your heart out to them. Let them know how much they are loved. For a techno savvy kid, you can […]

Wishes for your Daughter

New Year wishes for daughter are the blessings and good wishes of parents for their daughters. It is said that daughters are the heart’s string of parents. New Year wishes for daughter are packed with good words, encouragements, affection, and heartfelt desire for the success of your offspring.

Wishes for your Son

New Year wishes for your son are special in many ways. They not only vent out any feelings that you have deep inside for your loved son, but also establish the depth of your relationship by conveying to him how much importance you give to him in your life. If the monotones of day to […]

Wishes for your Brother

New Year wishes for your brother are meant for conveying your good wishes for the forthcoming New Year. Brothers are always special as we share a unique bond with them in terms of understanding and sharing our personal joys and sorrows. It is no way exception that during New Year Eve he is the special […]

Wishes for your Girlfriend

New Year Wishes for your Girlfriend convey the special feelings that you bear in your heart for the special girl in your life. She is a touch of sweetness in your life, a breath of fresh air, a glow like the moonbeams – and you want her New Year to be just as special. Here […]

Wishes for your Boyfriend

When comes New Year’s Eve, 2020 comes to an end and 2021 begins. Let’s take this as an opportunity to send your best wishes to the man you love. Send some cute and touching New Year wishes to cheer up the mood of the man of your dreams and to make him feel special and […]

Wishes for your Friends

Carry your message of warmth and compassion to your friend this New Year 2021. We offer you a large collection of ideas to choose from to wish your friends a happy new year. The mood of the wish would be set according to the relationship that you share with your friends, and also the nature […]

Wishes for Students

Choose from a wide range of beautiful thoughts and New Year wishes for your students, to show them how much you care to remember them on special occasions.

Wishes for your Employees

As we begin a new calendar year it is time to pay tribute to the persons who have been instrumental in your business. New Year Wishes for your Employees pays homage and tribute to acknowledge their contribution in our business and in our lives. Here are some New Year Wishes for your Employees that salutes […]

Wishes for Clients

In your professional sphere it is vitally important that you maintain a good relationship with your clients. A little appreciation can go a long way in sealing the bond of trust and continuing the business liaison. What could be a better time to send out a note of thanks than the New Year? Remember, New […]

Wishes for your Colleagues

We spend a lot of time in our daily lives with our colleagues. Let’s not forget them during this year end celebration and take some time to send our co-workers and peers some kind words. In fact special festivals and events give us the opportunity to establish camaraderie at work. Take a look at our […]

Wishes for your Boss

A large chunk of our time from our daily lives is spent with people we are involved at the work front. Any celebration would remain incomplete if we do not involve our boss in our list of people to be wished on a special occasion and New Year is such occasion where you can push […]

Funny wishes

When the new years is about to begin, you can make your friends, relatives and other close persons feel good by sending few funny wishes for the coming year. It would be a good idea not to write anything that has a negative connotation or has racial or religious context that can hurt the recipients.

Wishes in 140 characters

New Year wishes in 140 characters are small messages which can be delivered via mobile and by instant messengers. These messages are available in different tones which can be sent to your friends, fiancée, teachers, as well as to your family. These short messages are a great way to convey your thoughts and your nice […]

Romantic wishes

In the unfortunate event that you spend New Year’s Eve 2021 away from your loved one, make her/him feel special and send your New Year wishes to express your love. It is possible to send such wishes through web or the old fashioned card based method is also suitable.

Religious wishes

On the eve of the New Year, you can send religious wishes to friends, family members or anyone who matters to you. You can send such wishes through regular cards but nowadays a lot of people make use of the web to send New Year messages. It would be good if you design the cards […]

Inspirational wishes

If you know of someone who has been feeling low and down in this New Year then you can do your bit in cheering her/him up by sending good inspiration New Year wishes. Show support and move your friends and loved ones with words of motivation and thoughts of encouragement by sending out some really […]