A greetings card for New Year lets you spread the cheer. It is a time which is filled with hope that it should be full of joy and happiness, not only for us but for our near and dear ones as well. Near and dear ones include relatives, friends, family members, colleagues and even the boss. The best way to spread the joy and love is through Greeting Cards.

The team at 123NewYear has come up with a huge variety of greeting cards that is fitting for all your relationships. The varieties of card include both heart touching greeting cards as well as funny New Year greeting cards. The messages and wishes in the cards are sure to bring a smile on the face of your loved one.

So come and gift them with a wonderful New Year Greeting card to spread the festive cheer.

Greetings for your Wife

A few words of appreciation, love and care on this special occasion at the start of the year will also go a long way in cheering up your lady love. Your Wife could be the most complicated person on Earth to please, as some men would put it. You don’t always have to buy expensive […]

Greetings for your Husband

Your husband is the closest person to you, and also the most special one. A simple message or a quote that you send to him on the New Year’s occasion will not be good enough to be used to greet your husband. You will have to look for a message that puts forth your love […]

Greetings for your Parents

We all tend to get busy running behind our goals and meeting the daily needs that we often neglect our lovable parents. The hectic routines often deprive us of the chances of telling our parents as to how much we love them. Thankfully, there are certain special occasions when you can be close to your […]

Greetings for Elders

Even if you can’t spend much time with Elder people in your family, make sure to not forget them when comes New Year. You can always send them your heartfelt greetings to put a smile on their faces.

Greetings for your Kids

This New Year’s Eve, let your blessings shower on your kids in an expressive way. Send a simple greeting, colorful by writing it on a cute card with a colored pen – this will make your kid’s heart jump with joy when she/he receives it.

Greetings for your Daughter

If you are missing your daughter on the New Year Eve, we have collected a bunch of greetings that you can send to her.

Greetings for your Son

New Year greetings are sent from parents to their son when he is not present with them. A son is the hearts breathe for the parents and he is source of unique boning between couples. New Year Eve is a time when a New Year is approaching and the old Year is passing away. It […]

Greetings for your Sister

When the New Year is about to begin, you can send your sister love and affectionate greetings. This can be sent both to your sibling or a cousin sister.It does not matter whether your sister is single or married. You can always send her brotherly wishes and love on the eve of New Year. Nowadays […]

Greetings for your Brother

New Year greetings for brothers are meant for conveying your brother good greetings for the forthcoming New Year. Brothers are always special as we share a unique bonding with them in terms of understanding and sharing our personal joys and sorrows. It is no way exception that during New Year Eve he is the special […]

Greetings for your Girlfriend

You can do many things to win the heart of your girlfriend and impress the lady. However, a nice way to make her feel good about your feelings is sending her your heartfelt greetings on the New Year eve. You can resort to conventional greetings cards. A custom designed card can impress her greatly. However, […]

Greetings for your Boyfriend

New Year is one of the many occasions when you can express your heart’s feeling to your most special man. Let your boyfriend know how much difference he has made in the years gone by and how you expect to be treated by him in the coming year. Show him how much you care for […]

Greetings for your Friends

New Year Greetings for Friends would carry your message of warmth and compassion to your friend this New Year. Here at 123NewYear we offer you a pretty large collection of ideas to choose from to greet your friends. The mood of the greeting would be set according to the relationship that you share with your […]

Greetings for Students

As a teacher, you are given the highest regards by your students. New Year is the time when you can send a small greeting to your students. To congratulate on their progress of last year and push them in their studies in the next one.

Greetings for your Mentor

A mentor is given the highest regards and in many prominent cultures his/her place is kept on the same pedestal as God’s because it is the guru who guides us in our journey to find God. Reverence for mentors is a part of almost all traditions of the world. When we offer prayers to God […]

Greetings for Clients

In your professional sphere it is vitally important that you maintain a good relationship with your clients. A little appreciation can go a long way in sealing the bond of trust and continuing the business liaison. What could be a better time to send out a note of thanks than the New Year? Remember, New […]

Greetings for your Employees

A boss is someone we often do not find easy to approach or gel well with. Most employees are often seen to keep a distance because of the fear of power that comes with such a designation. However, occasions like the New Year serves as the perfect occasion to break the ice between the boss […]

Greetings for your Colleagues

A large chunk of our time from our daily lives is spent with people we are involved at the work front. Any celebration would remain incomplete if we do not involve our co-workers and peers in our list of people to be greeted on the special occasion. In fact special festivals and events give us […]

Greetings for your Boss

A large chunk of our time from our daily lives is spent with people we are involved at the work front; including your manager. Any celebration would remain incomplete if we do not involve our co-workers and boss in our list of people to be wished on the special occasion. In fact special festivals and […]

Funny Greetings

You can send your greeting by cards but you can also make use of online services and social media platforms to send your hilarious greetings to your friends and loved ones. You can put your creativity and imaginative capacities to good use when you compose these funny messages.

Greetings in 140 characters

New Year greetings in 140 characters are small messages which can be delivered via mobile and by instant messengers. These messages are available in different tones which can be sent to your friends, fiancée, teachers, as well as to your closed family members. These short messages are great way to convey your thoughts and your […]

Romantic greetings

You can send romantic New Year greetings to a lot of people including relatives, friends and coworkers. However, the tone of the message should differ according to the age group of the person or couple. For example, the way you greet a classmate should be different from the way you send message to a relative […]

Religious greetings

When you compose religious greetings, it is necessary to be a little careful about the words you use. Unlike casual New Year greetings, religious ones should have a tone of somberness and devout feelings imbued. This needs to be maintained when you send your greetings to senior people in particular.

Inspirational greetings

Spreading good cheers, positive vibes and motivating people to ring in the New Year on a happy note is something that we all should strive to do to make the world a happier place. A few soothing words of compassion from you might help someone get back on their feet when they are down.