According to the modern day calendar, the last day of the year, namely December 31, is marked as New Year Eve. It is celebrated fireworks almost everywhere in the world.

Social gatherings and parties fill up the air with excitement, as the world gears to let the old out and welcome the new in.

In some places, there are region specific rituals that go hand in hand when celebrating the advent of the New Year.

The celebrations generally continue way past midnight as January 1 is greeted with splendor.

Bond with family and friends


Celebrate the advent of the New Year by giving time to your family and friends – a rarity in today’s fast paced life. Have a look at our exclusive printable games for extra fun!

Give indulgence to your Wanderlust

Embraer aircraft approaching airport

Take advantage of the slow business season by taking that trip you were planning for some time. Make sure to make prior reservations to get accommodated even in the rush.

Sail away to Wonderland

Luxury cruise

Taking a Cruise is a romantic way to celebrate as cruise-ships arrange for luxurious parties to mark the occasion.

Let your hair down

Drink in the cristal glass

A Big drink party with all cocktails and mocktails! Party hard this New Year’s Eve 2021 to your heart’s content. Make sure you have a designated driver.

Put your feet up

Wines glasses with romantic candles

For a cozy romantic evening at home and a serene evening.

Celebrate with Champagne and Chocolates


Nothing yells ‘celebration!’ more than champagne. Pair it with chocolates for that ultimate indulgence.

Go Clubbing

Dancing people

Hop around the town clubbing for an exciting night.

Relax and rejuvenate

Spa 6

At a spa or salon, gift yourself a pampering you deserve by relaxing with your friends and families.

Sparkle with fireworks

Electric Fireworks

Light up the sky with festive fireworks for a visual extravaganza.

Turn on the Time Machine


Take time to reminisce fond memories from the exiting year as you prepare to take up the New Year head on.

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