Target audience, budget and venue

The party venue and scale of celebrations would directly depend on your party budget; so set aside a realistic one and stick to it throughout. Furthermore, your party could be for the kids or for the teens or adults only. You could weave it around Chinese or Mexican theme. You could decide it to be a costume party or cowboy party – a toga party or a disco party.

Whatever, you ought to just give your imagination a wild run and find out. Whatsoever you choose, don’t forget it should be fun for all participants to call your new year celebrations a success.

Guest list, invitation and reminder

Guest list is something you should prepare well in advance. Make sure that you don’t invite too many guests for the size of your party venue, lest the crowded feel might spoil the new year celebrations for everyone.

Send out invitation well in advance. Send paper invitations or create an event at a social networking site frequented by all yours guests and send invitation to the event with a request to RSVP. You must update your guests with any changes in the party venue, time and send reminders just before the party to ensure maximum attendance.

Decorating the venue

Party theme would decide the kind of decorations you would need to buy. Whatever you pick, keep it bright, colorful and metallic. Use of lights or candles will go well with all decorations. Don’t forget to keep plenty of confetti handy to add fun and sparkle to the main event.

Keep the food simple

Food should preferably go with the theme to compliment it. If there is no specific theme, better keep it limited to light finger food. To keep the arrangements even lighter, you can ask your guests to bring one meal each and have a potluck dinner instead. Not to mention, going with disposables with help you spend more time partying than doing the dishes.

Party favors and accessories

Like any other party, how can new year celebrations be complete without the noise makers and party hats! So, must buy some inexpensive noise makers, party hats, and may be, prepare party masks at home. Also suggested is to distribute them all among your guests, right before the party begins.

Action during the party

No party can be fun without its share of games and fun moments. While you can arrange usual board games, card games and Karaoke; we suggest new year printable party games (like “Champagne Trivia” or “New Year’s Eve: Left Right“) that you must get to help invitees warm up and share a laugh in the group. If you get all our New Year’s Eve printable games, you get all our Christmas games for free! Prepare your own playlist of songs to suit the tempo of the event; and do not forget to take a lot of pictures of the event to keeping the memories of the party rather vivid for a longer time.