A new year is knocking at our door again and its already time to prepare for New Year celebrations!

You must start planning for the new year party. Make the guests list and think of a mind blowing new theme and decide the dress code! Decide the party structure in detail and probably tweak it several times with close friend(s), before you can translate it into action.

Some lessons learnt from past experience, some points taken from expert advice and advance planning on the lines can actually render your new year celebrations, minus any mess-up, chaos or repeat of mistakes from the last times!

7 ways to Party for the Rest of the Year

You invited your family and friends over this year. Normally, they go to your brother’s house because he has the best parties. Great themes, great food, great everything. How can you compete? What will it take to conquer his party? You have the food after you raided every chef’s private stash of goodies, and now […]

Our top tips for New Year 2021 celebrations

Target audience, budget and venue The party venue and scale of celebrations would directly depend on your party budget; so set aside a realistic one and stick to it throughout. Furthermore, your party could be for the kids or for the teens or adults only. You could weave it around Chinese or Mexican theme. You […]

Top 10 ways to celebrate New Year’s Eve 2021

According to the modern day calendar, the last day of the year, namely December 31, is marked as New Year Eve. It is celebrated fireworks almost everywhere in the world. Social gatherings and parties fill up the air with excitement, as the world gears to let the old out and welcome the new in. In […]

History of New Year celebrations

The festival of the New Year being celebrated on January first is a new concept that came to be accepted by all and sundry after much trials and trepidation. The most archaic recording of a New Year festivity is accepted by historians to have been in Mesopotamia in around 2000 B.C. During that time, it […]

More ways to celebrate New Year’s Eve 2021

How about a chocolate pool party Get a pool filled with liquid chocolate. This can be a sweet idea to start the new year on a sweet note 🙂 Invite all your friends and have a “causes” game Ask everyone to pick up one social cause and give 3 suggestions on what can be done […]

New Year Toasts

Raising New Year toasts is one of the most common rituals observed by people across different parts of the world. Pop up the bubbly and raise a toast to say goodbye to the year gone by and to usher in the new one. However, there are some steps involved in raising a perfect toast on […]

New Year 2021 Countdown

The day before the New Year, which is popularly known as the New Year Eve, is always full of tradition, fun and excitement. Counting down the time, especially the 10 seconds just before the clock is to strike the midnight, is a tradition that is observed all around the globe. People count every second in […]