You invited your family and friends over this year. Normally, they go to your brother’s house because he has the best parties. Great themes, great food, great everything. How can you compete? What will it take to conquer his party?

You have the food after you raided every chef’s private stash of goodies, and now they line your kitchen island. You have the theme; everyone will be amazed. You can hear them now, ”How did you do all this?” “Wow! These are great.”

The music playlist is set, and everyone will enjoy the food and drinks before them. What will you do until the ball drops? How many hours of, “What have you been up to?” and, “That was great,” can you stand? How long can your guests stand that?

Before 6pm when your guests arrive for the New Year’s Eve evening you make sure you have all of the evening’s activities in order.  You realize that having some fun games to play would make the evening that much more special!

Wait, didn’t someone at work say something about printable games? You dash to your iPad and find the website. You click the link. YES! A whole night’s entertainment at your fingertips. There are no pieces to pick up or step on. Everybody can play at the same time, no matter how many people show up. And it’s easy, you just print it out and recycle it when you’re done. That is unless your family frames it because of how awesome this New Year’s Eve bash will be.

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The Setup

You have seven games, each is unique. The key will be in placing them in the perfect order for your people. Since you’re the perfect host, you have prizes to give this night the bang it begs for. Which one will you kick this party off with? How will you string them together? Which one will be the finale?

It Begins

Time: 6:33 pm

Knock Knock

Who’s there? Your guests of course! They enter and eyes are dazzled, jaws drop. Everyone settles in and has a drink and a tiny plate of delicious treats. You come in and announce, ”Ladies and Gentleman, let the games begin!”

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Happy New Year in Any Language

Time: 7:45pm

You hand out Happy New Year in Any Language. This game has a set of 20 languages on one side, and how you say Happy New Year in that language on the other. The goal is to match them up, without Google translate. You even add your own twist, after everyone fills theirs out, you hand the answer sheet to someone and they do the first answer. The trick is they have to say how it should be pronounced.

With the ice breaker achieved, you know this is going to be a great party. You got this.

New Year’s Synonyms

Time: 8:25pm

Next up you have another singles event, yeah you figured it would be fun to have some team events in this. In this game, each person has 15 sentences with an underlined word. Each word has four multiple-choice answers and you must guess which one is the synonym.

You have people take turns to read their answer, no peeking. You know they’re bound to get some wrong and the heckling begins. This is great, wait until they see what’s next.

New Year’s Trivia

Time: 9:15pm

“Form up into teams everyone,” you say. “What?”

“Teams, you know, more than one person.” They begin as you reach for the next game, New Year’s Trivia. This one has 15 questions, all about New Year’s Eve. Before you let them start, you introduce the prize for the winning team. They like this game already.


Time: 10:00pm

After a brief intermission for some drink and food, you gather everyone for the next game, New Year’s Left-Right. “Everybody makes a circle; you can stand or sit but you have to be in a circle.” They comply as you hand out prizes evenly spaced out between them. “Not everyone has a prize,” you say, “Whenever you hear left in the story I’m about to read, you hand whatever you have to your left. And when I say right…”

“We hand it to the right!” they all interrupt. “Cool!”

You begin, but think that if this was just your friends, you could hand out drinks, and if you have one at the end you have to drink it.

Champagne Trivia

Time: 10:45pm

You tell everyone to get back in their teams, the prizes are still waiting for a winner. This game is Champagne Trivia, 15 questions all about Champagne. Before you begin you have a teaser glass of Champagne for all the adults, sparkling juice for the kids. A quick toast and you’re on your way.

New Year Madlibs

Time: 11:30pm

“The next event is a singles event,” you say. You hand out New Year Madlibs. The prize for this event goes to whoever can make everyone else laugh the hardest because you will have to read out your Madlib aloud and act it out as you go along. They begin to fill out the 19 words on the front, on the back is a story where they will insert each of their words. “Have fun with this one, only one game left, and it’s for teams with the big enchilada at stake.”

The Countdown

Time: 11:59pm

The time has finally come as you and your guests turn your attention to the TV.  You are watching the countdown begin as the ball drops in Time Square, New York.  “10, 9, 8…” Your guests grab their loved ones as the clock finally strikes midnight and give ones another a kiss to commemorate the event.  Everyone claps and cheers as the New Year has begun.

World Time Zone Challenge

The grand finale begins with teams talking trash, but it’s all fun. You brandish a stopwatch, and the room goes silent. In this game, there are 17 cities and you must number them in order from who will celebrate the New Year first to last. For your own twist, you give them only three minutes.

Ready Set Go

Everyone rushes to finish on time, their frantic eyes thinking, fingers counting, some people even drew maps, what a finale! The prizes rest in people’s hands as you hand out the Champagne for the ball drop and get ready for the countdown. This will be a year to remember, all thanks to

A successful party!

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As your guests leave with smiles on their face and wishing you well, you know that this party was for the history books.  As your brother leaves, he gives you a hug and a smile, “Great job sis.”

You can find the New Year’s Eve Printable Games available singly, or in value packs with other game sets such as Christmas games or Party Games. All these are ready for immediate download and printing. Hurry up because even your brother will want to steal this idea.