UK Bank Holidays 2021 is a list created by 123NewYear, which contains all the bank holidays for the year 2021. It will help the people of UK plan some time away from hectic work schedule. Keep this list handy and plan out your vacations for the coming year of 2021.

Everybody wants to enjoy some time with their family and friends; these holidays offer the perfect opportunity to go on vacations. UK has a wide variety of holidays, but not all of them are bank holidays. UK has people from all cultures and religions, so it is obvious that they will bring their holidays with them, but make sure that they are bank holidays and not just a day of observance.

Here is the complete list of bank holiday, some national and others local, for the people of UK in the year 2021.

New Year's Day
 Friday - 1st of January 2021  National holiday

 All states

New Year's Day marks the start of a new year in the Gregorian calendar, the official calendar used in the United Kingdom.

New Year’s Day is an open occasion in the United Kingdom on January 1 every year. It denotes the beginning of the New Year. Some individuals have a tranquil day on January 1, which denotes the finish of the Christmas break before they come back to work. Be that as it may, there are some uncommon traditions, especially in Scotland. New Year’s Day is a bank occasion. On the off chance that January 1 is a Saturday or Sunday, the bank holiday falls on the next Monday. Almost all schools, huge organizations and associations are shut. Normal life might be slow to start on New Year’s Day

2nd January (substitute day)
 Monday - 4th of January 2021  Local holiday


January 2 is an annual bank holiday and the last day of the Hogmanay (New Year) celebrations in Scotland.

St Patrick's Day
 Wednesday - 17th of March 2021  Local holiday

 Northern Ireland  

St Patrick's Day remembers the life and deeds of St Patrick, one of Ireland's patron saints. It also celebrates Irish culture.

This holiday is celebrated to honor the Irish culture. It also commemorates the life of one of Ireland’s patron saints known as St. Patrick. Belfast hosts a spectacular parade on this day, with many people flocking to local pubs, celebrating this event. Nottingham organizes lovely celebrations that last for a whole week, which includes arts and music festival, parades, children’s workshops as well as special stage performances by well-known Irish musicians. A 3 day Irish festival is held in Liverpool, while London hosts parades to Trafalgar Square and Convent Garden along with wonderful festivals. The people get a deep understanding of the Irish culture, with the help of crafts, food, music and dance.

Good Friday
 Friday - 2nd of April 2021  National holiday

 All states

Good Friday is just before Easter Sunday and is a public holiday in the United Kingdom.

Good Friday is a day of grieving for Christians as it commemorates Jesus Christ’s crucifixion. It falls on the Friday just prior to Easter Sunday that happens to fall on the very first Sunday after the 1st full moon on or post the March equinox. A part of organizations and associations are shut, albeit some stay open. Stores are for the most part open.

Easter Monday
 Monday - 5th of April 2021  Common local holiday

 England   Wales   Northern Ireland  

Easter Monday is the day after Easter Sunday. It is a bank holiday in England, Wales and Northern Ireland but not in Scotland.

Easter Monday happens to follow the occasion of Easter Sunday, a day that commemorates Jesus Christ’s resurrection, in accordance after Christian belief. It is a bank holiday in England, Wales and Northern Ireland however not Scotland. For many people, Easter Monday is the final day into the 4-day weekend. In England, Wales or Northern Ireland, most of the businesses are closed. Stores are often launched to accept shoppers; however public transport may follow a separate timetable.

Early May Bank Holiday
 Monday - 3rd of May 2021  National holiday

 All states

May Day, or the Early May Bank holiday, is on the first Monday of May each year.

The preceding Monday concerning May is a bank vacation into the United Kingdom. It is called May Day between England, Wales as well as Northern Ireland. It is acknowledged as the Early May Bank Holiday within Scotland. It possibly produced so a Roman festival honoring the start of summer season. In recent times, it also commemorates the efforts of workers who fought for laborers rights.

Spring Bank Holiday
 Monday - 31st of May 2021  National holiday

 All states

The spring bank holiday in the United Kingdom is on the last Monday of May each year.

This holiday can also be called as Late May bank holiday. It represents a day when people get time off from their work or an off day at school. The final Monday in the month of May is a bank holiday. Many organizations, companies and faculties are closed. Public transport systems run on a timetable made especially for this holiday.

Battle of the Boyne
 Monday - 12th of July 2021  Local holiday

 Northern Ireland  

Orangemen's Day is a bank holiday in Northern Ireland to commemorate the Battle of the Boyne.

People within Northern Ireland commemorate the Battle of Boyne with a bank holiday, which falls on or after 12th of July. It is also regarded as “Orange Day”, “Orangemen’s Day”, “the Glorious Twelfth” or simply “the Twelfth”. Orangemen’s Day, and the Glorious Twelfth, is a bank holiday in Northern Ireland. If it happens to be a Saturday or Sunday, the bank holiday is shifted to the next Monday. Schools, commons offices, dense businesses yet organizations, and a few stores are closed. Public transport may also follow a separate holiday timetable. Local lodges organize marches and walks in certain parts of the town/city. Other parts of UK, like Scotland, England or Wales, may celebrate it, but not as a bank holiday.

Summer Bank Holiday
 Monday - 2nd of August 2021  Common local holiday


The summer bank holiday is on the first Monday of August in Scotland and the last Monday of August in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Summer Bank Holiday
 Monday - 30th of August 2021  Common local holiday

 England   Wales   Northern Ireland  

The summer bank holiday is on the first Monday of August in Scotland and the last Monday of August in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

St Andrew's Day
 Tuesday - 30th of November 2021  Local holiday


St Andrew is the patron saint of Scotland and St Andrew's Day is a bank holiday in Scotland.

November 30th is the usual day for celebrating St Andrew’s Day, as per the beliefs of many Christian churches. St Andrew’s Day is a bank holiday in the country of Scotland. However, if Saturday or Sunday is the day on which this holiday falls, the holiday is shifted to the immediate next Monday. The quantity on break after public life varies greatly. Usually schools are closed. Certain organizations or groups may stay closed; however others are in all likelihood to stay open. Public transport might run as usual or follow a special holiday timetable. Those willing concerning using a precise conduct service of St Andrew’s Day are influenced to check ahead on the service’s availability. The countries England, Northern Ireland and Wales, do not celebrate this day as a bank holiday. The Scottish flag, and Saltire, is flown on masses within Scotland through St Andrew’s Day. In the rest of the United Kingdom, the British Union Flag is flown.

Christmas Day
 Saturday - 25th of December 2021  National holiday

 All states

Christmas Day is a holiday that traditionally celebrates Jesus Christ's birth. It is on December 25 in the United Kingdom.

On the 25th of December, the whole world celebrates Jesus Christ’s birthday and UK is no different. On the occasion of Christmas, people adorn their residences with beautiful lights, a decorated Christmas tree or other types of decorations. Some places, illustrate the life of Jesus Christ, while some families love attending special services held at local Churches. Exchange of gifts is a common and popular tradition of Christmas. The celebratory meals of Christmas include traditional dishes of roast turkey, mince pies, mashed potatoes along with a delicious pudding crammed with nuts, which is sometimes served with brandy poured over its top.

Boxing Day
 Sunday - 26th of December 2021  National holiday

 All states

Boxing Day is a holiday in the United Kingdom that falls on December 26 each year.

Boxing Day of the United Kingdom is a holiday post the holiday of Christmas and falls on the 26th of December. Traditionally, employers distribute food, clothes and even money to their employees on this day. In present day times, that is a vital day because of the sales that happen post Christmas. Boxing Day is a bank holiday, which is celebrated on a Monday, in case it falls on a Saturday or Sunday. Most facilities are closed for Boxing Day, while some may stay closed from Christmas till New Year. Many stores start their post-Christmas sales on the event of Boxing Day. Public transport can run on special timetables.

Substitute Bank Holiday for Christmas Day
 Monday - 27th of December 2021  National holiday

 All states

December 27 is a bank holiday in the United Kingdom only in some years, depending on which day Christmas Day or Boxing Day occur.

Substitute Bank Holiday for Boxing Day
 Tuesday - 28th of December 2021  National holiday

 All states

December 28 is a bank holiday in the United Kingdom only in some years, depending on which day Christmas Day or Boxing Day occur.