Just like the rest of the world, India too is a country that enjoys its holidays and here is the India Bank Holidays 2021 list for you. India is truly a diverse country with various religious beliefs, cultures and traditions. This has prompted numerous festivals to become a part of Indian holidays. Each and every festival has a history and is celebrated as the history dictates it to be.

The hectic work schedule leaves little to no time for family. Spending some relaxing or quality time with loved ones is a primary aim of these holidays. A handy list of holidays can help you plan out some small getaway trips and vacations. These enable people to find some time to enjoy with their loved ones, including family members and friends. 123NewYear is well aware of that, so we present for you a list of holidays. India might have innumerable festivals, but not all of them are public holidays.

Again, it has to be borne in mind that not all Public Holidays are Bank Holidays. In India, the Negotiable Instruments (NI) Act, 1881, is what helps the Central and the State (or Union Territory) Governments to formulate the Bank Holidays.

Here is the list of holidays for the year 2021, which are public holidays.

National and Local holidays

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Other important days

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