Bank Holidays are the days on which the bank remains closed and the bank employees also get to enjoy a day off. Some holiday’s maybe regional while others are observed all over the state or country. Bank holidays should not be confused with public holidays. Here we list down all the holidays recognized in the country.

It will help you keep in mind when the banks will be closed so you can plan business dealings and other financial transactions without much hassle.

USA Bank Holidays 2021

USA Bank holidays 2021 is a list that will help all understand on which dates the holidays fall in the year 2021. Everybody loves holidays, especially professionals who need some time off from their hectic schedule at work. Holidays are the joyous times of year, when the whole family can get together and spend some […]

Mexico Bank Holidays 2021

Mexico Bank Holidays 2021 are the list of holidays, which include merriment and offer some relief from a hectic work schedule. Mexico has various holidays, to relax and spend some time with your friends and family. National and Local holidays Other important days

India Bank Holidays 2021

Just like the rest of the world, India too is a country that enjoys its holidays and here is the India Bank Holidays 2021 list for you. India is truly a diverse country with various religious beliefs, cultures and traditions. This has prompted numerous festivals to become a part of Indian holidays. Each and every […]

Japan Bank Holidays 2021

On the page Japan Bank holidays 2021 you will find a list with all important dates to the Japanese people. All the holidays of the year 2021 are listed. In Japan, your professional life is very important and people often sleep at work. They need some time off from their hectic schedule and enjoy their […]

Hong Kong Bank Holidays 2021

Honk Kong Bank Holidays 2021 can actually be your go-to list for holidays in Hong Kong. Whether you plan a vacation or just some relaxing days with the family, holidays can be a great way to enjoy life. Hong Kong is a culturally diverse country with numerous festivals. Most of the festivities revolve around the […]

France Bank Holidays 2021

Bank employees of every country need a day off, even France, so here is the France Bank Holidays 2021’s list. The holidays range from being patriotic to religious and the people of France love enjoying the holidays with their friends and family. The holidays usually kick off with the New Year’s Day and ends with […]

Canada Bank Holidays 2021

Canada Bank Holidays 2021 is a complete list of holidays on which Canadians get to enjoy a day off from their work. Holiday might be a small word, but it can bring a lot of enjoy in the life of people, as they get to spend some quality time with family and friends. A holiday […]

Australia Bank Holidays 2021

Australia Bank Holidays 2021 are the list of holidays, which include merriment and offer some relief from a hectic work schedule. Australia has various holidays, starting with New Year’s Day and ending with Boxing Day in December. Australians enjoy a certain rule, if the holiday happens to fall on Saturday or a Sunday, the professionals […]

Singapore Bank Holidays 2021

Singapore Bank Holidays 2021 can be your go to list whenever you want have a look at the public holidays and plan some vacations and getaways. On these days most institutions are closed, as well as office and shops. “Holiday” is a word, which originated from another word “Haligdaeg. The meaning of this word is […]

Germany Bank Holidays 2021

Germany bank holidays 2021 contain the list of bank holidays that is observed across the country of Germany. Whenever a new year comes knocking at our door, we are not only filled with hope of a wonderful year, but also want to know about the holidays that can be spent enjoying with family and friends. […]

China Bank Holidays 2021

China Bank Holidays 2021 list consists of many holidays, both traditional and global. Each and every type of holiday brings all your near and dear ones together, may it be family or friends. It is the same in all countries, even China. The holidays maybe different, but they are all a blend of the heritage […]

UK Bank Holidays 2021

UK Bank Holidays 2021 is a list created by 123NewYear, which contains all the bank holidays for the year 2021. It will help the people of UK plan some time away from hectic work schedule. Keep this list handy and plan out your vacations for the coming year of 2021. Everybody wants to enjoy some […]