Singapore Bank Holidays 2020 can be your go to list whenever you want have a look at the public holidays and plan some vacations and getaways. On these days most institutions are closed, as well as office and shops.

“Holiday” is a word, which originated from another word “Haligdaeg. The meaning of this word is “holy day” in Old English. Whether you want to spend relaxing time at home or go on a vacation, these holidays are the perfect time to do both. Spending time with your family and friends is perfect for the festivities that are characteristic of these days.

Singapore, the Lion City, is an island city-state, situated in Southeast Asia. The holidays that are observed in Singapore are a mixture of numerous culture and different traditions, as the country itself has various cultures. Due to the variation of cultures in Singapore, the list of holidays will also be a mix of all those traditions.

On the holidays listed below, banks and most institutions are closed, giving the employees a chance to stay at home and enjoy some time off. The list has the dates for 2020, because for some holidays the dates may vary from year to year, along with a small description about the holiday itself. So, to help everybody know which holiday falls on which date the 123NewYear team has created a list of the holidays.

Here is the list for the bank holidays in the country of Singapore for the year 2020.

National and Local holidays

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Other important days

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