Happy New Year!

The 1st of January marks the New Year for the year 2021.

New Year is bound to be full of unexpected twists and turns, some might work out in your favor while others may not. You must hope for the best and need to strive through and try to turn the situations in your favor.

Around the world

Each person around the world feels apprehensive as the last day of December approaches as nobody knows what the New Year 2021 will hold for them. The first day of January marks the New Year that represents the first page of a blank book of 365 pages that will be filled with new adventures and stories for you to experience and cherish.

Learn about new year traditions and bank holidays around the world.

Whether it is for practical purposes or official purposes, the Gregorian calendar is accepted all over the world. The anticipation continues to grow as New Year approaches and the night of 31st December ends and we welcome the 1st of January with open arms. It is not necessary that everyone celebrates a traditional welcoming of the New Year, but everybody is definitely surrounded by a joyous atmosphere and feels excited about what it might hold.

New year 2021 celebration

The team of 123NewYear is ready to help you layout a great design for your hopes, desires and resolutions for the New Year, 2021. Let your aspirations turn into reality and provide you with a successful 2021.

We have a dedicated team who work round the clock to come up with numerous offerings that are not only great but also comes to your aid to usher in 2021 with ardor and festive zeal. This is sure to make your New Year interesting and exciting. You can also stay updated about 2021 with these offerings. We at 123NewYear believe in something – the first day must be special to make the rest of the year special as well.

Get your 2021 Horoscope

The Horoscope for 2021 is one of the offerings from 123NewYear that will help you do that. We have a detailed prediction for the various aspects in the life of the twelve zodiac signs. It forecasts a detailed future so that you can get an idea about what the coming year might hold.


Printable games

Apart from the horoscope, we also provide for you various printable games that can be used for planning the new year’s eve and creating a happy atmosphere so that each and every person present can enjoy the party and remember it. Whether it is a party with friends, family, or just your dear one, we have the right printable games for you.

Greetings and Wishes

Apart from these 123NewYear also has a variety of greetings and wishes that will help to share the festive cheer with loved ones and near ones. Various formats are available for the greeting cards that are filled with lovely messages and quotes.

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These will help anyone to get through 2019 with ease. Now we present to you the list of holidays and the many dates that are celebrated as New Year in various cultures. The following information will help you gather knowledge and let you be a well-informed global citizen.